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  VidMate app latest version – 2019

Last Updated on 5th March , 2019


Name VidMate
Latest Version 3.6203
Updated On 26th February , 2019
Size 11.59 MB
Total Downloads 500 million
Rating 4.7/5
Requirement Android 4.0+
Developer Nemo Studio

What Is VidMate APK?

Download VidMate from 9Apps for Completely free !!!

Looking for the applications which will perform many functions at once can be a difficult task. At current, there are 20 applications on play store which perform same functionalities. But finding the perfect one will be a difficult task among those. Near about, a usual person spends 2-3 hours per day to find an application which will perform different applications at once which includes streaming of music and movies at one place. To cover all the things once , VidMate is an application which tends to perform all the applications at once.

VidMate is a platform which tends to perform certain functionalities which include streaming and even downloading of media including Videos movies and music in different formats, qualities, and resolutions in the lightning speed.  VidMate apk is a highly recommended application to download VidMate and stream videos and music from. Which makes it one of the best and premium application in the same genre, With this versatile and premium application users can download have a look and even download or stream any video or music from any videos hosting platforms which even includes YouTube. YouTube is one of the world’s largest video hosting sites which tend to have a collection of more than 350 million videos under a single interface. But due to some privacy at security concerns, one cannot download videos and music from YouTube’s default application. But with VidMate, this impossible task is made possible. Now With VidMate one can download videos and music even from YouTube at lightning speed. Nothing the less, VidMate apk is a revolutionary application which tends to perform different functions under a single interface.

Why to Download VidMate App?

Entertainment is one of the most vital doses to spice up the life of every individual. With the introduction of smart phones, entertainment is accessible to us in various manners be its movies, videos or even music. Working with the world’s most popular video hosting site YouTube is even made easier. To enhance the entertainment experience, developers have created VidMate which has the changed the outlook of how entertainment has been served to us.

VidMate is one of the most premium ways to have a different outlook towards various sources of entertainment, whether it is movies or video or music which delights the ears. Vid Mate brings such services which have made accessibility to new ways of media more innovative. VidMate is an application which allows us to download preferred media from various video hosting platforms including Daily motion, vine, Meta cafe, Instagram, Facebook, and even YouTube. YouTube is the world’s largest and most popular video hosting platforms which contains a large amount of video content. With such large media content, there is always a price to pay. As per the security and privacy hooks of YouTube, one cannot download any media content from YouTube. But with VidMate , that task has been made possible.

Why VidMate app is so much popular?

VidMate is just little more than downloading of media content; it is a whole new experience of media outsourcing. Not only it gives choices between various media platforms but also offers its users to download media in various resolutions, formats, and qualities. Rather being small in size, it has a lot to offer to its users. The interface of the application is very user-friendly and is easy to navigate through. With fastest downloading speed, it promises to provide the best of what it can. App does not ask its users to pay any additional cost. Everything present on the interface is amazing and worth trying, the application itself is in the form of Apk format, which does not occupy a much large room in the storages.

This app offers its users to stream live-TV for free. Now never miss a show or an important match with VidMate and for those who like to keep their media private or secured, VidMate provides an encrypted space on the interface itself and let its users a secure way to keep their content private with a sequence of a pre-settled pass code. Not just thing multiple contents with This app , users can keep a track of their download. Not just this with Vid mate users can download at once.

VidMate is just, not an application it is a whole new experience packed with various sources of entertainment. As there are a lot of video downloader and applications which lets its users stream videos and movies for free on internet , the things which differ VidMate app from others are that rather being in combat size, it tends to provide various amazing features which include downloading of media content in fastest speed ever, streaming of the latest movies and even
games from various genres, streaming of live TV with more than 200 channel without any break etc. Not just this revolutionary application is available on Android, but it is available on various other platforms which include even IOS, Blackberry devices, and desktops too. Unlike other apps in the same genre, VidMate has a strong and user-friendly language support which makes it more accessible and convenient to use. As technology is spreading all over the globe which even includes areas where only native language is only conveniently used. VidMate has strong language support base which includes regional languages apart from English which includes videos of Punjabi, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Bhojpuri, etc

Features of VidMate

VidMate is one of the highly recommended applications which is packed with fully packed with each and every source of entertainment including those funny videos which proves to be must to share with friends and family. Vidmate is fully packed box of entertainment with awesome features which gives its users an unlimited source of entertainment absolutely free and at lightning speed.

  1. VidMate is one the versatile application which allows its users to download videos music and Movies from various video hosting platforms including Daily motion, Vine, Facebook, Instagram, Meta cafe and many more.
  2. VidMate even allows downloading and streaming of various videos, music, and movies from world’s largest video hosting website YouTube. Irrespective of its contingent policies, Vid mate allows downloading and streaming of media absolutely free
  3. Not just this, VidMate gives its users to choose between different resolutions, qualities, and formats. From HD to Low qualities, users can choose between the qualities and resolutions as per the device’s storage and according to data connectivity.
  4. The Vid mate application is not available on the play store. VidMate is a third-party application which is in apk format which does not take much larger spaces in device’s storage which gives much larger rooms for media.

Recently Added Features on VidMate

  1. VidMate comes with an interface which is easily accessible and easy to navigate through; it comes with an inbuilt browser which allows searching of the preferable media. One can use copied link to download media by pasting the link to the browser’s search bar,
  2. VidMate allows its users to get access to multiple downloading which allow its users to download more than 4 media contents simultaneously at once.
  3. Not just multiple downloading, Vid Mate allows its users to pause, stop and replay downloading whenever it is required. With VidMate APK, one can also check the downloading progress in the notification bar.
  4. For those who love to keep their content private, VidMate provides an encrypted space in the interface itself to keep the content more secure, to ensure more security; VidMate allows its users to secure the encrypted space with a sequence of pre-set pass codes.
  5. Not only VidMate allows streaming of music, videos, and movies but also provides its users to stream live-TV absolutely free. Now with VidMate never miss a show or match.

How to download & install VidMate for android

VidMate is a revolutionary application which made entertainment easily accessible to us.  Now at lightning speed, the unlimited amount of entertainment is under our hands. Besides not being on the play store, this revolutionary application is a must to have application especially for those who love enjoying entertainment on small screens. Its easy accessibility makes it revolutionary even in terms of downloading it for android. Download VidMate for Android below is the steps to follow for downloading the application.

  1. Download VidMate application in the form of Apk from any trusted websites
  2. VidMate is a 3rd party application which is in the form of Apk that may not be present on play store, To download 3rd party application on the devices, users must have to reach to settings in the devices and allow downloading of unknown sources.
  3. Go to the installation screen and the screen will pop-up with the installation window and then tap on install
  4. After installation gets completed, Vid Mate is ready to use.

How to use VidMate APK on android?

Using VidMate is as easy it seems. The revolutionary application is an easily accessible dose of entertainment which is full-fledged with movies, music, and videos from various genres in lighting fast speed.  Below are the steps to easily get access to an application which is fully packed with entertainment.

  1. After installation download VidMate from 9Apps .
  2. VidMate comes with an inbuilt browser which provides a search bar. Users can input their preferred video, music or movies in the search bar or user can paste the link of the same on the search bar.
  3. After searching of preferred media gets completed, users have to select the preferred video and then tap on the download button present on the bottom right corner of the screen.
  4. After tapping on the downloading button, the screen will prompt a screen which gives the users to choose between various qualities of videos,
  5. After selection, the video will be downloaded in just tweak of seconds.

Download VidMate for iOS

This premium application is not only available for android only but it is equally safe to download it on IOS devices. The VidMate is equally easily accessible to IOS users. Regardless of being in the apk format, it does not provide any harm to the devices and works perfectly on IOS devices too. Mentioned below are the steps to download VidMate apk on IOS devices.

  1. Downloading VidMate for IOS is quite similar to the downloading of VidMate in Android devices.
  2. For installation of this app in iOs devices, users have to download .ipa file from any trusted site of VidMate.
  3. After downloading the .ipa file. Users have to reach the settings and reach to the menu settings and turn on the settings on I TRUST for other users.
  4. Then click on the .ipa file of the app in the downloads file folder and the installation will be started.

How to download VidMate App for PC

As mentioned above, it is a full packed box of entertainment. VidMate allows its users to get access to stream live-TV absolutely free. it has above 200 channels from various genres including comedy , action , horror , romance and many more,  For those who loves to enjoy things on big screens , Vid Mate is also available for PC and Laptop also.

  1. Users have to download .exe file of the same to use Vid Mate app on pc/laptop
  2. Double click file after downloading
  3. Install the setup on the desktop.
  4. After installation it is ready to use.

How to download movies even faster than ever with VidMate?

VidMate is highly recommended application even having a large number of competitors in the android market. There are many applications of the same genre which performs same functionalities but the thing which differs VidMate from other competitors is the feature of fastest downloading. Vid Mate allow its users to download media content in the fastest speed. With the introduction of smart phones, the entertainment is easily and quickly accessible to us. Now within the tweak of seconds, our content gets downloaded in our devices. Among all the coolest features that Vid Mate have, one is downloading media content in a quicker way. By turning up to some settings in the interface will make the downloading of content even faster.   Following are the steps which will make the media content to download in a faster way.

  1. Launch VidMate app on android device.
  2. In the interface, go to “Me” tab and then reach to “Settings,”.
  3. In settings, reach to “Fast download mode” in the settings.
  4. Toggle to the enable mode.

What’s more About VidMate APK ?

All wonderful features at one go in only one application.  VID MATE gives its users access to tons of more features to make it more convenient for its users! It has WATCH LATER option. This gives its users the access to watch favourite videos and movies later. Just Choose Video or movie And HEART it. It will directly to r favourites Spot and users can enjoy it whenever you can.

VidMate lets its users to enjoy videos and music which is going trending among them. By just swiping right.  This app displays all the content which being trending around them which is also a column which takes care of the recommendations crated for the customers.

-VidMate allows its users to download unlimited full movies for movies. It provides its users to download movies from any source possible or present on the web which even includes YouTube and Daily motion. Users can choose between various genres of movies including action, comedy, thriller, horror, romance, fantasy etc. Users can even download the movies in HD quality and can easily access it.

Safety & Security is Considered as the main concern

  • To make sure that user’s content is safe and free of any malware, The App comes with a virtual library which acts as a virtual assistant to users as it sorts all the content been downloaded in the interface date wise which makes it even easier to go through the history and getting access to the archived data.
  • VidMate also allows its users to adjust video quality which proves to be one the vital features of Vid Mate. VidMate allows its users to download media in various qualities, resolutions, and formats. This feature allows its users to select preferable qualities with respect to data connectivity and memory available in the devices.
  • Recommendations are one of the salient features which differ VidMate from other competitors in the android market. VidMate not only allows its users to download or store videos by searching it on the inbuilt browser but also VidMateapp acts as a guiding mate which provides its users to choose from recommendations based on history and likings of the individual.
  • Offline mode is also one the features which make Vid mate a must to have on Android devices. This feature gives its users access to download a video and save for watch later. Users can save a video for watching it later. For these feature users don’t even need an internet connection to watch the video that saved for later. Users can browse all downloaded history and saved videos in the offline mode.

Downloading YouTube videos for free with VidMate |

Download This app for android !

On an average note, about 9 out of 10 people browse a music video on social sites twice or a more than it every day. Video platforms like Daily motion, Instagram, Facebook, Sound Cloud, and much more like them, allows their
visitors to have an ultimate experience of video streaming. Varied upon different genres, qualities, and resolutions, and some also come with additional permissions by which you can download them or listen to them when you are
offline. Or even the videos from YouTube are next to impossible.

YouTube is the world’s largest video hosting platforms with a count of 3 billion+ videos being uploaded every single day. With such a huge media sharing base, YouTube somehow fails to impress its users by not providing what actually they need. Due to some contingent policies of YouTube, one cannot download their favourite videos from YouTube, But somehow, YouTube allows offline listening of media by saving it offline. But not every video on YouTube can be saved offline. to download videos from such a strong platform user will be needing extra extensions which may prove to be heavy and expensive. A big thanks to the creators of VMate which made downloading of YouTube videos more convenient and absolutely free.

Vid mate is a 3rd party application which allows its users to download videos from various media hosting sites which even includes YouTube. Now with VidMate users can also download videos from YouTube’s default application
and even choose from various qualities, formats, and resolutions which is more suitable for the devices. by following some simple steps mentioned below users can easily download videos absolutely free even without heavy extensions from YouTube.

1. To enjoy latest music and video on the go, Users have to download Vidmateapp
Apk file from some trusted sources.
2, after downloading, install the Vidmate apk in android devices.
3. After installation, open the application
4. The interface will show some famous platforms to download content. Select
YouTube. (Users can also directly browse the YouTube in the address bar)
5. After reaching to the app, Users can browse their preferred media content on
the search bar.
6. After selecting the video, the interface will display a download button in the
bottom right corner of the screen.
7. By tapping on the Downloading button, Screen will prompt another screen
which will allow users to select format and quality of the video.
8, after selecting, The Media will be downloaded in just blink of the eye.

VidMate review | Download This app for android !

VidMate app is truly a revolutionary application which makes it best among all the applications of the same genre. The features like choosing between various media platforms make it more preferable among others. Users can choose between various platforms. There are still some videos which are present only on YouTube. But due to some contingent policies, users have to face some problems while getting access to the media available on YouTube. But with VidMate that impossible task is even made possible. With VidMate, users can download YouTube videos even from the default application. One more thing which makes it more loved by everyone is choosing between various qualities and formats. While choosing between various qualities may result in less usage of memory and data connectivity.

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Even the interface of the application is so user-friendly and easy to navigate through. Not just this VidMate is the only application in the genre which provides its users to stream live-TV absolutely free. The Live streaming media includes streaming of more than 200 channels from various genres. Not just this VidMate is an ultimate application which is a great example of using artificial intelligence in such a way which proves to of best among all. VidMate also provides an encrypted space on the interface itself which can also be secured with a sequence of pre-set pass codes. the thing which makes even preferred by all is the feature of multi-downloading. One can download more 7 videos simultaneously. Not just VidMate allows multi-downloading users can also replay, pause, and stop the download. Not only can this user also track down the progress of downloading in the notification bar.

Key points of VidMate Download

This App is one of the most loved and popular downloader. it allows its users to download your favourite media content from some of the most loved and safest media platforms including Daily motion, Meta cafe, vine, Facebook, Instagram and even from YouTube. Despite YouTube’s privacy settings, you can download your favourite content from YouTube too. Not only, you can choose between various media platforms but also you can choose your desired quality, format and resolutions of the media content. The application itself is the form of apk format which will not consume much larger spaces in your device’s storage. Making it loved by all, it does offer a lot more features, then just downloading videos. It offers its users to enjoy features like Streaming live TV.. Now never miss a show or match with Vid mate. With features water and securing your content with pass codes, Vid mate resides in the most favourite and preferable video downloader’s list. There are still more things which is yet to be offered by Vid mate to its users. Below are some key points which makes Vid mate preferred over all the competitors in the market.

Key points :-

    • VidMate is in the apk format which does not occupy much larger spaces in the devices. It is only 6mb in size.
    • The android version required to download Vid mate app is only android 2.2 which makes Vid mate to perform well on all the android devices so far.
    • VidMate app is one of the most trending applications of the time.
    • It is not available for download directly from play store in android phones.
    • Downloading VidMate app is very easy irrespective of the platform n which it is being downloaded.
    • The application is absolutely free.
    • No additional cost
    • Includes an inbuilt music and video player
    • Have a night one
    • Offers most trending videos
  • Allows sharing of videos to other applications.

Being in an apk format, it is a 3rd party application which cannot prove to be un-authenticated to some of the users. But as it is provided by one of the well-known company, it does not bring malware along with it. This popular and ultimate experience of video downloading brought to users by U.C MOBILE & CO. which offers its users an unforgettable experience without costing any penny. Not just free of cost it is in very small in size which does not occupy much of space in storages.

Download VidMate from 9Apps for Completely free !!!

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